The Dark Heart Rises


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released January 1, 2013



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THE BANISHED Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Love On Her Arms
i've tried not to feel, to forget
replace and destroy the feeling what’s left
but this will be remembered
as the circle of hate closes around
i'm in the center with all i've felt
what i've found and lost forever
i can't see through the anger
this pressure behind my eyes plays tricks on my mind

i don't know what is real anymore and what is just an illusion
all this is a heart’s decision to make
harder than a coffin nail

pull it out to scratch love on your arms
tear it out, this bloody shred of flesh from my chest

and put it into your hands

to feel the beat, the heat that stopped since you left
to feel the beat that tortures me with no end
hides in the back of my lungs
 in the depths of my guts
till i'm cut and opened up to spit it out
because i can't bear this cross anymore
it has turned upside down

and then i may finally become the one i have to be
despite this disgust, this shame
and then you will love me for what i am
as the circle closes round

so my dark heart could rise...
Track Name: Losing My Religion
...from the bottom of the ocean of my endless sorrow
emotions to borrow
lights to follow

take my hand
drag me out
i can't hold on
take my breath away

but i won't give up, i won't give in
without you i'm losing my religion
the footprints are lead me straight to the headstone
your name was written in the ashes
where i put you into the ground

digging down
my hands are hurt
the shovel broke
but i won't give up, i won't give in
till i find you even six feet deep

it doesn't matter how many times should i put the sun under my feet
pull the moon and this light may show me the way

fill the holes n tear the horns
neither the angels in heaven above
nor the demons down under the ground
can ever dissever my soul from the memory of your love

that burned into my eyes
all i can see is the silhouette
this shape that cursed me from the very first sight
and still scratching my back
with the blackest nails
sharper than the sword
i've made from the silver rain
that forged into the sea
i'm drowning in